Elderly Client

Are you worried about any of these?

  • * Nursing home fees
  • * Protecting your home
  • * Inheritance tax
  • * Legal consequences of dementia
  • * Making a will
  • * Powers of attorney
  • * Probate
  • * Letters of administration

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We can offer a personal legal service tailored to your needs.  You may just need assistance making a Will.  However you may need a Power of Attorney whereby we would be able to handle your affairs for you.  We can assist with planning for protecting your home or advise how nursing home fees may apply to you.  We are on hand to help with Probate and Letters of Administrations when loved ones pass away.

We can help you through this difficult process by obtaining the Grant of Probate on your behalf. If all you require us to do is to make an application for Probate and the size of the Estate is such that no Inheritance Tax is payable and the Inheritance Tax form which is being completed is the IHT205 then we will charge a fixed fee of £900.00 inclusive of VAT and the Probate registry fees which are at present £155.00 together with £0.50 per further office copy and the swear fees which will be £7.00 for each Executor. Please note that in taking this action we are only applying for Probate we are not tending to any distribution or collection of the assets.

If you require us to collect in all of the assets, pay all debts then distribute monies to all of the beneficiaries then we will charge a rate of £185.00 per hour plus VAT. In a simple Estate which does not involve a house, is under the Inheritance Tax limits and consists entirely of monies in bank accounts (limited to five or six) with limited debts and the monies are being distributed to no more than five beneficiaries we would anticipate that this would take us between five and ten hours of time and would cost between £1,800.00 and £3,600.00 inclusive of VAT plus disbursements.

If a property is included in the Estate then the fee is likely to be higher as there is likely to be additional work in connection with payment of bills relating to the property such as utility bills and there will be conveyancing costs in connection with the sale together with Estate Agents fees and so forth.

The above information is based upon their being the following:

• A valid Will
• No disputes between beneficiaries on division of assets
• No claim against the Estate in particular from the Benefits Agency for miss-payment of benefit or indeed any other claims.

Matters which are likely to increase the costs significantly are:

• If there are a large number of individual assets
• If there are a large number of individual debts
• If the work we have to carry out includes us having to attend at the property, organise clearance of property and arrange the sale of the property
• If the work we have to carry out includes us having to register the death and/or arrange the funeral

We would suggest that if you require further information you contact us to discuss the same and we will provide you with a more personalised estimate of costs and timescales.